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Translation and localization

I work with businesses, translation agencies, marketing agencies, and individual clients. 

 My language pairs:

  • English – Croatian
  • Croatian – English
  • Italian – Croatian
  • Serbian/Bosnian/Montenegrin – Croatian


The main fields of my work are:

  • websites
  • iGaming 
  • e-commerce
  • cybersecurity
  • medicine & healthcare 
  • blogs, newsletters, social media content
  • physiotherapy, kinesitherapy, and fitness
  • mobile apps (user interface, user guides, app store descriptions)
  • marketing materials (ads, brochures, presentations, other promotional materials)

Other fields of work:

  • education
  • travel & tourism
  • CVs & cover letters
  • beauty & cosmetics
  • official correspondence


My focus is on adjusting translation according to the target audience paying attention to details. It will have a smooth and natural flow.

I avoid literal translation and consider cultural values and norms. Your message and vision will be conveyed clearly and effectively. 

Let me be your gateway to the Croatian market.